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I have set aside some time to enter my poetry into some journal contests. I guess it is that time of year. I think the judges and editors of these things just like to give themselves something to do for the fall like read a bunch of poetry… but then the editors I know are usually working on a million different projects just like the rest of us, so I guess I’ll cut them a little slack…

Figuring out which poems to send off to a magazine is difficult. At times I wish I had an assistant who would sort through all my shit and pick out the good stuff and do all the leg work for me. I go back and read a lot of my poetry and wonder “What was I thinking?” but then if I say it is all crap then nothing gets submitted and nothing gets published, so I compromise with myself daily.

With that in mind I am happy to say that the manuscript for my first novel is at the publishers and is in the hands of their editing department… Exciting but scary all at the same time. Writing can be a personal endeavor and it leaves one feeling exposed when others get to read on something you have spent so much of your time on… I will post updates on this as it progresses.


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