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Industrial Arts

artist, author and designer for the stage…

For what ever reason I am feeling totally isolated and alone today. It may have been the essay I read about using isolation in hospitals and how it has been a technique used by doctors to cure sickness since  medieval times…

Maybe I am just missing my daughter… that being said, it is still a Friday and it is a three day weekend. The weather in Salt Lake is cool. The leaves here will start to change soon. I may go camping this weekend. The irresponsible side of me wants to get high and sit in a corner… sigh.

I finished one of my outlines for a new manuscript. Did the scene sketches and character studies for the centrals… I even started writing chapter one. I am only a third through it. It feels good to be productive and not destructive. That sounds odd.

I was just thinking of a friend of mine who had taken too much LSD and we found her outside this house banging her head on the sidewalk. Once we stopped her from doing this and asked her what she was doing that for she responded back “Making everything quiet!” That image haunts me forever. It is lasting not because it was horrifying but because to my surprise and disgust I totally understood what she meant.


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