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Here is a single poem from my latest chapbook for the Thursday Poetry Rally folks – this way you do not have to navigate away from the blogs to read my stuff…. though by all means feel free to do so if you would like to read more! RALLY ON!

In My Demise
I am sitting here in my demise
hating you and all you do
knowing that what has transpired
just made us tired
and upset
I am smoking one last cigarette
to salute all of my regrets
before I do as they say
to kingdom come
there was a time when I was a man
when I knew what I had
when I was young and looked ahead
now I’m broke and wishing I was dead
but then that would be my curse
upon the one person i can’t hurt
so I will just stay and suffer more
because I can’t step through the last door
I will never be death’s whore
I will just love her

Been out of the loop… been acting the vagrant… BUT, I did get my new chap book of poetry up on

Falling Down The Stairs is the continued stagger through the life and loves of the author. Intoxicating and dangerous, it will have you stumbling back up to the bar for another shot…

Contains the poems:

In My Demise
Falling Down the Stairs
Putting On a Dark Coat
My Thoughts are Lost
Working Out
Such Seething
Your Mere Presence
Thoughts Turn to You
I Watch the Children
I Found You
Dirty Old Man
Always Fretting
Head in the Sand
Bumping It
What Have I Found Here?
Ignoring You
Just Buying Some Fags and a Rope
Silent Little Voice
In the Middle
Snow is Falling
Black Shadow of Death
Undulating in My Head















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