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This week’s theme is moods, feelings and emotions. Got plenty of that… here is my entry:

I have two poems.


anger slammed in my face
this morning so alarming
left me wondering
if this was the same person
who only the night before
lay prostrate on their knees
before me begging to be fucked more
anger is always misdirected
are you angry at me?
are you angry with yourself?
does all this warrant such aggression?
such a deep disturbance
it bubbles through
acidic, putrid and rude


not glad
not happy
I am who I am
have no misgivings on that
I wish only to find
a warm gentle hand
who will take me for what I am
with all of my indiscretions and absurdities
I never will promise to be perfect
or even to try to attain
but in the end
I will be your friend
try to lessen
the pain

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