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Industrial Arts

artist, author and designer for the stage…

Christopher L. Jones is the Production Manager / Technical Director for the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts in Findlay, Ohio, U.S.A. Originally from Arizona, Christopher completed his undergraduate studies at New Mexico State University and earned his graduate degree from the University of Connecticut. He has over twenty years of experience working for various regional theaters such as Arizona Theatre Company, the American Southwest Theatre Company, Connecticut Repertory Theatre, Long Wharf Theatre, Hartford Stage, Goodspeed Musicals, Yale Opera, Boston’s Playwrights Theatre, Playhouse On Park and The Ballard Institute of Puppetry. He has also worked at some of the major theater festivals in the United States such as Utah Shakespeare Festival, The New York Fringe Festival, Old Pueblo Playwright’s New Play Festival, The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival, The Provincetown Dance Festival, the New Orleans Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, and the Puppeteers of America’s National Convention. Aside from theater you can find his art work, photographs and poetry in various chapbooks and publications, some of which are still available. His first novel, Waterboarded, was published through a grant from the Arts Council England. This and his latest book of poetry, American Girl: Poems to a Daughter from her Father, are available on-line and in print at most outlets.