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IMG_0103loading in the moscow festival ballet’s production of “cinderella.”


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Here is a link to my final project for the Directing II class I took Spring 2012. The play was “The Coal Diamond” written by Shirley Lauro. I directed. William Howard was Technical Director / Lighting Designer. Shae Nicholas was Costume Designer. Michelle Ewen was Stage Manager. Sarah Price and Zach Guthrie were the crew. The cast was Heather Gibeson as Lena, Brooklyn Michelle Renshaw as Pearl, Selena Price as Betty Jean and Napsugar Hegedus as Inez.


have been very busy getting ready to head back to school in the spring…

but I still am writing. here is a new one:

sadly when I fall
it hurts
as in old age
things gets brittle and break
worn thin from all the years
of abuse
only now do I realize
I should have listened to all
I once thought so unwise
for in the end
they are the ones
who die the beautiful
carefree and looking young

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new poem, busy writing, new collection of my poetry coming out in paperback and ebook soon…

driving home
nodding my head
as I take the turn
rounding out
leveling out
stepping on the pedal
throwing lots of dirt
I can see the end
and it looks mighty good
will all the evils stop me
from reaching you
rolling on
till I reach you
home at last
out of gas
but safe in the garage
door closed
no more space between us


Getting Ready
getting ready
to venture out
and see what the world
is all about
see what I have been missing
what is in
what might be now cool
yet the sun is bright
hurts my eyes
even with my shades
so I’ll stay inside
here will I hide
for I really don’t care
or give a chagrin

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After Work
just thinking of a beer
being poured ever so slowly
deep dark and brown
like a beer should be
just for me
only thirty minutes more of work
and I’ll be free
to head
to the pub
and meet that drink
that is taunting me

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