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My latest poetry chap book is done and is available on for download here:

Bodily Fluids: A Book of Original Poetry is a sticky sweet romp into the mind of its author. In its sexual perverse style it will have you thirsting for more…

Contains the poems:
Tossing My Head
You Look Like a Star
Thinking of my Russian Friend
Stiff and Uncomfortable
Labored Breath
Calm Nerves are Hard
Raging Man
What is there to do?
Soft Cheeks
Now that I am Old
Popping Out Notes
My Girl’s Face
Security Bill
A Blast of Warm Air
Around the Night
Sit Still
Watching the Girl
Taste of Blood on my Tongue
Cupid Farted
What Lurks Underneath
Sour Melon
Water Cycle


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I am almost done with my next chapbook of poetry. I will have it up by the end of this week. I at least named it and created the cover. I just need to package it all together and get it ready to post. The whole process can take a couple of hours and sometimes it is more about finding the time to do it then it is about anything else.

I am listening to my local independent radio station right now streaming off the web. They aren’t too bad…

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The middle of the week and my mind is endlessly wandering… it has been running from idea to idea, though to thought, with no planning or logic… just pure emotive response. Maybe it is my meds…

I need to finish the chap book I am working on. I have been procrastinating. That always happens when I lose my focus on life. Everything gets pushed aside as I flail about like an idiot…

I have been told that being manic means that often one can’t keep up with their own thoughts and everything inside one’s head is racing to get out only the physical world doesn’t move that fast so you are stuck waiting for reality to keep up with what one is trying to communicate or manipulate…

Arrgh! and it is only the mid morning still…

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