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Here is my entry for the Poetry Potluck Week 17:
The theme was journey and the road ahead…

I Drove Through the Haze Today

I drove through the haze today
It was a gray foggy evening
Dark mists floated past
Filled the voids along the path
Crept through the trees
Showered the leaves with a murky dew
Sticky sweet and almost nauseous
Enough for me to roll my window up
Keep my eyes on the road
Look straight on ahead
Uncertain of what will come
Tumbling out through the haze and the fog


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I was nominated and awarded the Perfect Poet Award for my efforts in the Jingle Poetry Rally (Week 33). Thank you to Jingle and all the other great poets out there. I nominate Ms. Peaches!

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Here is my entry for week 33 of Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally:

Walking This Morning

walking this morning
with my daughter’s hand in mine
waiting at the curb
for her ride
a big yellow bus
filled with all sorts of kids
I watch her as she steps up smiles and goes in
waves to me as it pulls away
little does she know
such strength she demonstrates
never could I deal with all so much unknowing fates
unfriendly faces
so I smile back and wave
proud at what she is to become


Obviously that one I wrote for my daughter. I write a lot of poetry to her. When she is old enough I will let her read them… for now though I am happy with her being a happy innocent kid not worried over her dad’s mental health…

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