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with a couple simple words

everything gets shut down

and all our dreams

seem to be out of hand

I know that the harshness

is not intentional

that its really

just a matter of timing

not more

so I put down my phone

with the screen turned

away from me

so that with each bright flash

I am no tempted

to monitor and live through

these crazy expectations

expectations of love

live and joy

expectations of my love

nothing more


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I am

sitting here


feeling like a fool

for being

so in love

with you

should I set you free

so we can both be

that much more at ease

in life

if not

with each other?

I think not

I would nor will

ever give you up

addicted to your love

I have


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Here is my entry for week 33 of Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally:

Walking This Morning

walking this morning
with my daughter’s hand in mine
waiting at the curb
for her ride
a big yellow bus
filled with all sorts of kids
I watch her as she steps up smiles and goes in
waves to me as it pulls away
little does she know
such strength she demonstrates
never could I deal with all so much unknowing fates
unfriendly faces
so I smile back and wave
proud at what she is to become


Obviously that one I wrote for my daughter. I write a lot of poetry to her. When she is old enough I will let her read them… for now though I am happy with her being a happy innocent kid not worried over her dad’s mental health…

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