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backwards I walk

into the gray fog

the smog from the hills

up there over yond

the land of the spirits

the woods and the faires

the place I come from

the place I call home

you can’t follow

unless you belong here

the trees will shroud

the young ones from harm

hidden in a garden

a real secret garden

the lost ones

they dance

to the music

of pain



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there’s a fiddle


in my left ear

the girls are singing

loud and clear

singing of their futures

their possible weddings

possible men

possible babies

and careers of work

to fill it all in

there’s a fiddle


and now the chorus

breaks down

to the end

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So I happened to be mourning the break up of my favorite band, Throbbing Gristle, founders of what is termed industrial music, and I happened to watch some youtube videos of the remaining members perform under their new X-TG moniker and I have to say, I loved it.  I don’t think they really need Genesis…


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Music seems to be the one thing that can completely change my out look on life. I can be in the bleakest of places and then out of no where I can hear a song by a new artist or band and it just blows me away and suddenly I am inspired to actually continue with my exist and to try to contribute this ever increasingly interesting world…

I am thinking this now as I picked up the new album by the Silversun Pickups and I absolutely love it. The guitar work is excellent. Buy it…

Purchase Silversun Pickups here

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