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Industrial Arts

artist, author and designer for the stage…

sometimes the heart is a drag
its always when you think you have everything
that you realize you don’t
that nothing is perfect
i will never reach the end
and forever left looking
for it…

I can not lie
these days just seem
to drift by
no importance
no structure
no general rhythm
just a plodding along
of my feet
hopefully leading me
in the direction
of you

I miss you

and without you
it’s not necessarily
that life has no meaning
just that I have realized
that sharing love
with another
is the greatest
of all types of being

it has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to just sit and write down my thoughts and feelings about any thing, let alone anything personal… I just happened to look back at my last post and realized how long it had been since I have posted anything and how much has changed in my life since I posted last…

currently, if any one cares, I am working as the production manager for a new theater facility in the mid west… total corn country, which I am still not to sure about, though the locals are all very nice (at least to your face) and the little town I live in is cute. I could walk through it in a morning but still cute…

and I am still struggling… struggling with my depression, my mania, money, sex… or lack there of… or just plain confusion about sex, sexual identity, what is normal, what is not… so many thoughts and so little time.

but I have decided that I need to purge my emotions and put them down some where. I have my hand written journal but for what ever reason I feel the need to be more self revealing than just writing every thing up into a little black book and sealing it away with all my other journals. so I thought I would turn to here to confess for awhile…


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