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in truth

it has been nice

to have some time

to clear my head

to organize my thoughts

come back to this view

on this plane

right here

where everyone else is

to just slow down

finally let my thoughts to

stop racing at such a

frantic pace that my

hands can not keep up

the pace of writing

down all the words

with all the right letters

in all the right spaces

in all the right order

in any intelligible way


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Three Towers

one of my favorite architectural elements on campus…

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with a couple simple words

everything gets shut down

and all our dreams

seem to be out of hand

I know that the harshness

is not intentional

that its really

just a matter of timing

not more

so I put down my phone

with the screen turned

away from me

so that with each bright flash

I am no tempted

to monitor and live through

these crazy expectations

expectations of love

live and joy

expectations of my love

nothing more

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on the deck of the Queen Mary…

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altar 2X

main altar in San Xavier Del Blanc… double exposure experiment.

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backwards I walk

into the gray fog

the smog from the hills

up there over yond

the land of the spirits

the woods and the faires

the place I come from

the place I call home

you can’t follow

unless you belong here

the trees will shroud

the young ones from harm

hidden in a garden

a real secret garden

the lost ones

they dance

to the music

of pain


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looking down…

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