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Here is my entry for the Poetry Potluck Week 17:
The theme was journey and the road ahead…

I Drove Through the Haze Today

I drove through the haze today
It was a gray foggy evening
Dark mists floated past
Filled the voids along the path
Crept through the trees
Showered the leaves with a murky dew
Sticky sweet and almost nauseous
Enough for me to roll my window up
Keep my eyes on the road
Look straight on ahead
Uncertain of what will come
Tumbling out through the haze and the fog


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Stress abounds in my life right now… but here is my contribution to the Poetry Pot Luck:

I choose the theme of wonder from the list…

Return to this Mirror

I stand again and face myself
always I return to this mirror
to look at myself and to see if I see any scars
I am beginning to feel like Dorian
having gone to rummaging through attics and locked rooms
for the portrait that must truly be me
I have yet to see
life is cruel and won’t let me be
never to find it
never the truth to my answers will I heed


Here is my entry for this weeks Poetry Potluck! This week was Nature: Plants, Creatures and the Cosmos…

Around the Night

around the night
my dreams fly
they take me high
to escape all my pain
I seem to drift away
at the end of the day
due to lack of sleep
or my meds
either way
I am floating
I am weightless and free


So the theme this time was buildings… here is poem placed on a bench outside one:

Sit Still

just sitting still
watching the world pass me by
smoking a cigarette
and not asking why

I saw you today
you were smiling, laughing and gay
happy to not be with me
and that’s okay

just sitting still
watching the world spin like a top
smoke a cigarette
and ask to get off
I’m done with my ride
I want to go home and hide

sitting so still
just one more little pill
and all this will be erased
my body numbed from its pain

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