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the weekend today

you’re a world away

and I’m stuck

trying to figure out

my next move

to which city I go

which school to go learn

when really

it is just a matter

of who will have me

who will let me

join their happy family

join the ensemble

be a part

of a company

of like minded freaks

wanting to make

some thing greater

than the mediocre


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Time to begin blogging again. 

Restarted with more of my poems from various books I have published, which you can see more of here.  Along with photos from my two blogs for school (a lighting design and drawing one) and from projects I am currently working on.


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busy getting ready to return to school in the spring…

but have been writing. here is a new poem:

sadly when I fall
it hurts
as in old age
things gets brittle and break
worn thin from all the years
of abuse
only now do I realize
I should have listened to all
I once thought so unwise
for in the end
they are the ones
who die the beautiful
carefree and looking young

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