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It is Sunday morning and I should be outside in the warm sun. It will not be out for much longer around here apparently… It is one of those days where all my thoughts are racing and I am too slow to write any of them done or deal with them in any sort of practical manner. I feel useless, handicapped and utterly tired right now and it is only 9:30 in the morning… on a Sunday where I don’t have to work. Perhaps that is why. Having finally gotten a moment to sit and think about everything it has just overwhelmed me in a huge rush of a wave, smacking me in the face and washing me all the way up the valley behind me to the mountains on the east, tumbling and scrapping my hands and face all the way, just to be deposited high on the top of some lonely and desolate peak… dripping, cold and confused.

I have been making progress with my work space. I have all of my art supplies unpacked – they just need to be properly put away and organized so I actually have some room to work.

I am working on my second book. The first one is at the publishers, more on that soon…


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So I am here staring at this screen and realizing that I have lost all my focus… I have gotten caught up in the mundane routine of living a physical life and have not devoted any time to my work. It is hard to separate from it all to drift off to another place and have to take notes and write stuff down on top of it. The problem is staying focused on the one idea and seeing it through to a complete end. Is it as simple as a being a side effect of my medication or too many years of substance abuse and delinquency?

Either way it is time to write again. I have two plot sketches in my head right now and need to get them down on paper before the inspiration is lost. Which is an easy thing right now for the seasons are changing and it feels nice to be outside in the mountains. For what it is worth the loneliness of the trails brings me a little solace from the noise and confusion that usual run through my thoughts. It all dissipates, fades away and I am left with nothing but my labored breath, the stomping of my boots and the green forest all around me.

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