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I woke this morning to the rain falling outside my window. another storm front has moved into the Wasatch and the Salt Lake Valley. Disappointed it isn’t snow but it is supposed to turn tonight and then proceed to dump on us for the next three days. For a boy raised in the middle of the Sonoran Desert it is a great treat. Regardless of what the locals say I do not think I will ever tire of this beauty…

I have spent the days past reading other people’s work for a change. It was a refreshing thing to get out of my cave and see the world through the voice of another. Sometimes a little push is all it takes to inspire me… to set me back on my path…


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Another Monday and I am at work, designing book covers… a task I actually enjoy. I was lucky in my move to Salt Lake that I ended up finding a good job with a cool boss. As a friend said “It’s amazing you aren’t working for a Mormon…” But then, some how I don’t think a Mormon would hire me. Tie me to the stake maybe, but definitely not give me a job.

I had a chance to be a part of a protest last week. The gay rights community was protesting statements that the Mormon church had made about gays. Understandably it is an issue around here being the center of the universe for all things Mormon. A number of years ago the Mormons built a high wall to keep all of the “unworthy” from committing suicide on the front steps to the Temple. Apparently there was a high number of young men doing so as they had been outted as gay and Mormon and ultimately shunned by the Mormon society, family and friends.

Who would ever think that sex would be such a big deal?

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