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It is finally my favorite month of the year and not just because of all the crazy creepiness that goes on but because it is also usually the month where the seasons mark a definite change, the skies turn all sorts of vivid reddish hued colors, the winds blow and the storm clouds roll in… like now, I am in for a good rain tonight from the looks of it.

I have started working on my next book… don’t let the moss grow under one’s feet as my dad would have said. I finished an outline, some sketches, wrote some ideas and concepts down and painfully made my way through chapter one.


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The seasons are changing and the cold weather is slowly creeping up on me whether I like it or not. Granted, as an ex-desert rat I am a bit nervous about dealing with snow on a daily basis. It is one thing to visit but another to have to deal with it every day. That being said, the leaves on the trees in the canyons are starting to turn color. Here and there is a bright red explosion of leaves in a sea of green.

I have gotten back to doing my eBay auctions to raise a little cash and to get some of my unused stuff out the door. Call it mutually beneficial recycling. They get new/old stuff and I get a little pocket change…

I am working hard to get my next chap book finished and posted on but the novel and the rest of my life has kept me busy. Soon…

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